USC Interactive Media & Games Division

USC Interactive Media & Games Division


Natalie Gravier

Southland is a Google Cardboard based VR exploration of historical, forgotten aspects of Los Angeles as seen through the perspective of driving in a car. The vignette being exhibited takes the player through the Figueroa Tunnels on the Arroyo Parkway between downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena, accompanied with narration that ultimately encourages appreciation of the layered quality of Los Angeles and allows the past to meet the present through an interactive medium.

Anshul Pendse

Inner Activity is a multi-sensory virtual reality experience presented as a physical art installation. It is born out of the combination of interactive and game technologies, sound healing and vibro-acoustic therapy techniques, physical set design and concepts from meditation and spirituality. It utilizes the Oculus Rift and a tactile bass system called the Subpac to deliver synchronized audiovisual and haptic feedback. It is a research project exploring the potential for using virtual reality and tactile bass in healthcare, therapy and medical applications.